Distinguished Speaker Series: Brent McIntosh

Hazel Hall | Room 225
March 20
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

NSI hosted a fireside chat with Brent McIntosh, General Counsel for the Department of the Treasury, and NSI Founder Jamil N. Jaffer to discuss Treasury’s role in advancing U.S. national security.  In his role, Mr. McIntosh provides legal and policy advice to the Secretary and other senior Departmental officials.  Mr. McIntosh spoke on how Treasury has traditionally been viewed as focusing on purely economic and financial topics that do not directly touch foreign policy and national security—the collection of taxes, management of federal debt, payment of federal obligations, and more.  Over the past decade, Treasury and its tools has taken an increasingly central role in various foreign policy and national security issues.  Watch the firechat below.  Visit this page for the photo gallery.