Cyber and Tech Center


The NSI Cyber and Technology Center (CTC) will take on and expand NSI’s current efforts to promote American leadership in technology innovation and engage with policymakers on critical issues at the intersection of technology and national security.


America’s long-standing role as the world’s technology leader has enabled it to cement its role as an economic and political leader as well.  To maintain its global leadership, the U.S. should continue to promote rapid innovation and economic growth domestically, and create effective capabilities to protect and defend the U.S. and allied economic base.

NSI’s CTC’s mission is to promote – through dialogue with experts, engagement with policymakers, and cutting-edge research – American technology leadership and to tackle critical innovation, cyber, and emerging technology challenges.


NSI CTC will focus on six critical issue areas and address new areas as they arise:

  • Tech innovation and economic and national security
  • Collective and collaborative cyber defense
  • Blockchain innovation and national security
  • Emerging tech and national security
  • Evolving cyber threat environment
  • Growing the U.S. tech workforce


As part of the CTC’s launch in early 2023, NSI will hold a series of four events focused on the early cyber lessons learned from the war in Ukraine, including how the American public and private sectors supported Ukraine in cyberspace and with the deployment of American cyber capabilities, how the public and private sectors worked together to defend the United States at home through efforts like Shields Up, and what these efforts both at home and abroad might teach us about potential future conflicts and operationalizing cyber defenses at the regional, state, and local level.  You can read more about our events below: