March 12, 2018
The Daily Beast — Interview: House Intelligence Republicans on Trump-Russia Collusion: Didn’t Happen

March 6, 2018
The Daily Beast — Interview: Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Received Inside Info From Russia Probe

March 2018
Super Lawyers — Profile: Heeding the Call: Why Joe Whitley was tapped to become the first general counsel at the Department of Homeland Security

February 27, 2018
Inside Sources — Interview: Silicon Valley and Washington Need to Learn to Work Together for Cybersecurity, Experts Say

February 20, 2018
Raw Story — Interview: Ex-Bush lawyer: Mueller’s latest indictments show he ‘can bring collusion charges’ anytime he wants

February 16, 2018
U.S. News & World Report — Interview: When ‘Collusion’ Became ‘Conspiracy’

February 15, 2018
Fifth Domain — Interview: The debate over what Cyber Command still needs

February 15, 2018
Governing — Quote: Daily Government Quotes

February 9, 2018
Politico — Interview: Trump blocks release of Democratic Russia memo

February 9, 2018
The Hill — Interview: Ex-Bush lawyer: Trump’s memo decision a ‘massive strategic miscalculation’

February 9, 2018
Washington Examiner — Interview: DOJ official directly beneath Rod Rosenstein to step down

February 9, 2018
CNN — Interview: Dozens of Trump officials still lack full security clearance

February 9, 2018
NPR — Interview: No. 3 Justice Department Official Rachel Brand Will Step Down

February 9, 2018
Weekly Standard — Interview: Is the Nunes Memo Alleging Surveillance Abuses at Odds with FISA Renewal?

February 1, 2018
CNN — Interview: Trump advisors clash over bloody nose strike on North Korea

January 30, 2018
McClatchy DC Bureau — Interview: A year of key leader absences at Justice Department ‘almost mind blowing,’ officials say

January 26, 2018
McClatchy DC Bureau — Interview: Battle over secret Nunes memo could come to a head this week

January 22, 2018
Yahoo Finance — Interview: What you need to know about the government’s renewed surveillance law

January 11, 2018
Yahoo Finance — Interview: What a security expert thought of a few new smart-home devices at CES 2018

January 10, 2018
Morning Consult — Interview: Poll Shows Falling Trust in Tech Companies’ Security Amid Disclosure of Chip Flaws

January 9, 2018
Law360 — Interview: FISA Renewal Hinges On Warrants To Snoop On Americans

December 18, 2017
Washington Post — Quote: Under Trump, climate change not a national security threat

December 18, 2017
Fox 5 — Interview: Under Trump, climate change not a national security threat

October 30, 2017
CNN — Interview: Trump’s Ex-Adviser Pleads Guilty to Lying About Russian Efforts; Manafort, Gates Under House Arrest

October 30, 2017
Politico — Interview: Inside White House, a sense of both danger and relief in Mueller’s first moves

October 26, 2017
Fox News — Interview: Obama-era Russian Uranium One deal: What to know

October 13, 2017
The Financial Times — Interview: Trump turns trusted ally Bob Corker into chief tormentor

October 12, 2017
Bloomberg BNA — Interview: Trump DHS Nominee May Signal Administration Cybersecurity Focus

October 9, 2017
Axios — Interview: A Corker Ally on the Feud with Trump

October 5, 2017
Bloomberg BNA — Interview: DHS Pushes Cyberthreat Sharing, but Companies Unsure of Value

September 22, 2017
CNN Tonight — Interview: President Trump Slams Russia Probe As A Hoax

September 22, 2017
WJLA — Interview: New questions about whether social media sites like Facebook should be regulated

September 19, 2017
The Daily Beast — Quote: Bob Mueller Brings on ‘Tough’ Guy Stephen Kelly to Handle Capitol Hill

September 18, 2017
Washington Examiner — Quote: FBI wire tapped Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort

September 18, 2017
Independent Journal Review — Quote: Paul Manafort was Wiretapped Before and After Election Under Secret Court Order

September 8, 2017
Morning Consult — Quote: Cybersecurity Experts Urge Faster Threat Alerts From Homeland Security

September 5, 2017
Axios — Quote: Nikki Haley sounds ominous notes on Iran deal

September 1, 2017
Wall Street Journal: ‘Killer Robots’ Can Make War Less Awful

August 21, 2017
Morning Consult — Quote: After Cyber Command Elevation, Split from NSA Could Be Next

August 17, 2017
News at Mason: Scalia Law’s Jamil Jaffer returns to the classroom after clerking for Justice Gorsuch

August 14, 2017
The Washington Post — Quote: Trump administration goes after China over intellectual property, advanced technology

August 12, 2017
Bloomberg Politics — Quote: China’s Xi Seeks to Calm North Korea Tensions in Trump Call

April 28, 2017:
George Mason University: Sen. Cotton kicks off National Security Institute speaker series

April 24, 2017:
The Hill: GOP senator pushes for clean reauthorization of foreign intel law

April 24, 2017:
The D Brief: Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., heads to the National Security Institute at Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University

March 31, 2017:
Portsmouth Herald — Quote: Mason’s Jamil Jaffer confident of Gorsuch confirmation.

March 08, 2017:
Politico: The new National Security Institute at the Antonin Scalia Law School at Mason is set to announce board of advisers

November 25, 2016:
Politico – Quote: Trump Inspires Scramble on Spying Powers

September 13, 2016:
Bloomberg View – Quote: U.S. Spies Think China Wants to Read Your Email

August 5, 2016:
Newsweek – Quote: Could the Presidential Election Be Stolen?

July 15, 2016:
LegalTech News – Quote: Weak Cybersecurity at FDIC Leads to Criticism from Congress

July 11, 2016:
Associated Press – Quote: Get Started: Small Businesses at Risk for Cyberattacks

July 7, 2016:
Politico’s Morning Cybersecurity – Quote: Barriers for Small Businesses Selling Cyber to Feds

June 15, 2016:
BBC – Quote: Orlando Shootings: Would Trump’s National Security Plan Work?

April 14, 2016:
Washington Post – Quote: Microsoft Sues over Law Banning Tech Firms from Telling Customers about Data Requests

March 23, 2016:
CNBC Online – Quote: Ex-CIA Officer: Do This to Root Out Terror

February 17, 2016:
CNBC Online – Quote: Can Apple Really Fight the Feds?

February 17, 2016:
UK Daily Mail – Quote: Can Apple Really Deny a Court Order?

February 17, 2016:
NBC News Online – Quote: Apple Fights FBI Order

November 20, 2015:
CNN Online – Quote:   Political Winds Shifting on Surveillance After Paris Attacks?

September 25, 2015:
Foreign Policy – Quote: Boehner’s Rocky Tenure Marked by Deep Foreign Policy Scars

July 15, 2015:
Foreign Policy – Quote: Obama Turns to U.N. to Outmaneuver Congress

July 2, 2015:
Bloomberg View – Quote: The Secret Side of the Iran Nuclear Deal