Video Appearances

July 1, 2018
Fox News: Jamil Jaffer on SCOTUS

June 11, 2018
CBS: Jamil Jaffer on the North Korea Summit

May 4, 2018
MSNBC: Jamil Jaffer on the Russia Investigation

April 20, 2018
Fox: Jamil Jaffer on Rosenstein and the Russia Investigation

April 18, 2018
Fox5: Matthew Heiman on Mike Pompeo and North Korea

April 14, 2018
Fox News: Jaffer – Russia, Iran must pay price for supporting Assad

April 9, 2018
C-SPAN Landmark Cases: Katz v. United States

April 9, 2018
Fox Final 5: Lester Munson on Chemical Attacks in Syria

March 26, 2018
Arena Forum Civil Dialogues: Modern Surveillance and Privacy

March 19, 2018
Fox Final 5: Megan Stifel on Russia and Cybersecurity

March 8, 2018
Fox Final 5: Jamil Jaffer on Security Clearances

February 26, 2018
PBS News Hour: What the House Democratic Memo means for the Russia probe

February 20, 2018
CNN: Interview with Jamil Jaffer on Mueller’s Latest Indictments

February 12, 2018
Center for American Progress: Election Security in 50 States

February 12, 2018
Fox Final 5: Jamil Jaffer on Relations with North Korea

February 9, 2018
C-SPAN Washington Journal: House Intel. Comm. Memos and the Mueller Investigation

February 2, 2018
CNN: Trump set to ignore warnings of his FBI chief, DOJ

January 10, 2018
Fox 5 DC: Jamil Jaffer on recent North Korea developments

December 18, 2017
The Cipher Brief: 702 Reauthorization: Defending a Key Intelligence Tool

October 20, 2017
C-SPAN Washington Journal: The Future of the Iran Nuclear Agreement

October 11, 2017
Fox5 DC: Who is Bob Corker? A closer look at the Tennessee senator

October 9, 2017
Newsy’s “The Why”: President Trump’s Dispute with Senator Corker

September 29, 2017
Bloomberg Technology: Social Media’s Role in Fighting Election Meddling

September 8, 2017
Fox 5 DC: The Final 5-North Korea nuclear threats, Equifax data breach

Aug 28, 2017
Bloomberg Technology: North Korea Appears to have Fired Missile Toward Japan

Aug 26, 2017
DC Fox 5: Busy day at White House overshadowed by Hurricane Harvey

Aug 22, 2017
DC Fox 5: President Trump’s refocus on War in Afghanistan garners reaction

Aug 10, 2017
Fox Business: Is Trump getting through to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un?

Aug 10, 2017
Fox5DC: North Korea Threat: Saber-rattling or the real deal?

Aug 4, 2017
CBS News: Special Counsel is using grand jury in Russia probe

July 25, 2017
MSNBC: Jared Kushner’s Comments on the Russia Investigation

April 7, 2017
Fox Business: Why Gorsuch will be a great replacement for Scalia

March 31, 2017
Fox Business: Will Senator Schumer filibuster Neil Gorsuch?

March 26, 2017
Washington Journal C-SPAN: Jamil Jaffer on Surveillance and Intelligence Collection

March 15, 2017
Center for Strategic and International Studies: Cyber Disrupt 2017 Summit

January 15, 2017
Federalist Society: Ashcroft v. Abbasi: The 9/11 Detainee Case

December 16, 2016
Bloomberg Technology: How Vulnerable is U.S. Cybersecurity?

December 8, 2016
Al Jazeera English – Inside Story: Should Social Media Ban Certain Content?

November 10, 2016
Bloomberg TV: What a Trump Presidency Means for Internet Privacy

August 25, 2016
Federalist Society: $400 Million to Iran: Ransom or Diplomacy?

July 6, 2016
House Small Business Committee: Foreign Cyber Threats: Small Business, Big Target

August 29, 2015
MSNBC: Hacker Forum Darkode: Faster, Better, Stronger

July 20, 2015
Access Crypto Summit: What is the Law and What Should it be?

August 6, 2014
BlackHat 2014: Is The NSA Still Listening To You Phone Calls? A Surveillance Debate

January 20, 2012
State of the Net Conference 2012: Securing America’s Critical Infrastructure