Briana Petyo Frisone

Briana Petyo Frisone is an experienced national security professional who mostly recently served as a Counselor to Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary McAleenan and Acting Deputy Secretary David Pekoske for international affairs, transportation security, vetting, and information sharing.

In this role she advanced key Departmental priorities including the development of a framework for international information sharing agreements for border security, the growth of trusted trade and travel facilitation programs, the expansion of the Visa Waiver Program, and the development of international norms and standards for advanced passenger information for border security.

During her time as a civil servant, Briana held senior advisory roles for multiple administrations and routinely advised for and executed on behalf of Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries, the Commissioner of CBP, the Administrator of TSA, the Undersecretary for Strategy, Policy, and Plans, and Assistant Secretaries for International Affairs on priorities, initiatives, and programs related to international affairs, transportation security, biometrics, screening and vetting, counterterrorism, and information sharing as well as on capabilities and requirements and budget and finance.

She has served as Chief of Staff for the Office of Strategy, Policy, and Plans managing the development and execution of policies and strategies across the national security enterprise. Additionally, in her work in the Office of Strategy, Policy, and Plans she represented the Department with international counterparts to advance U.S. national security priorities and negotiations, including for increased biometric and biographic information sharing, risk-based known traveler and trader programs, and the fortification of the Visa Waiver Program.

Prior to her time at the Department of Homeland Security, she served at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Commerce.

Briana currently advises on security and international affairs for the National Security Sector at Guidehouse.