Summer Program: National Security & Separation of Powers

NSI hosts an annual overseas summer program that features courses co-taught by Justice Neil M. Gorsuch of the United States Supreme Court and Professor Jamil N. Jaffer.

National Security Law and Policy Program

NSI’s National Security Law & Policy Program includes a range of educational opportunities for students, including Scalia Law’s National Security Law & Policy Concentration and the student-run National Security Law Journal.

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National Security Law and Policy Concentration

NSI’s National Security Law & Policy Concentration provides students at the Antonin Scalia Law School with a solid foundation in national security law and policy taught by our esteemed faculty.

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NSI’s Fellows draw on diverse experiences from the intelligence community, government, private sector, and academia to  support NSI’s educational mission and will help ensure that NSI leads the debate on critical issues facing our nation.

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National Security Law Journal

The National Security Law Journal is a student-edited legal periodical which publishes insightful scholarship on pressing matters that further the dynamic field of national security law, including topics relating to foreign affairs, intelligence, homeland security, and national defense.

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M-Vets Legal Clinic

Scalia Law’s M-VETS Clinic offers students the chance to work directly with—and on behalf of—the men and women of our armed forces and enables students to represent service members, veterans, and dependent family members in litigation and non-litigation matters.

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Technologist Fellowship

NSI’s Technologist Fellowship brings together technologists interested in actively engaging in national security and cyber policymaking.

The curriculum will provide Fellows with the core tools needed to effectively engage policymakers in both the legislative and executive branches.  The goal of the Fellowship is to enhance technologists’ ability to influence the larger policy community and thereby inject more direct technology-related expertise into the national security and cyber policy processes.

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Call for Student Research Assistants

NSI’s Student Research Assistants support NSI fellows, staff, and faculty on publications and additional research projects.

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