Summer Program: National Security & Separation of Powers

NSI hosts an annual overseas summer program that features courses co-taught by Justice Neil M. Gorsuch of the United States

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National Security Law and Policy Program

NSI’s National Security Law & Policy Program includes a range of educational opportunities for students, including Scalia Law’s National Security Law & Policy Concentration and the student-run National Security Law Journal.

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LL.M. in Cyber, Intelligence & National Security Law

The LL.M. in Cyber, Intelligence & National Security Law prepares graduates with the expertise to navigate the emerging policy, legal, and constitutional issues that are specific to cyber, intelligence, and national security law.  Students will learn to address issues such as the legal underpinnings for foreign policy and national security decision-making, the legal and policy issues related to the use of military and intelligence capabilities, and legal authorities and obligations of the government and the private sector with respect to cybersecurity.

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