October 17, 2018
General Keith Alexander (Ret.) and Jamil Jaffer
Georgetown Journal of International Affairs
Ensuring US Dominance in Cyberspace in a World of Significant Peer and Near-Peer Competition

September 12, 2018
Benjamin Wittes
Confidence in Government on National Security Matters: August 2018

September 10, 2018
Stewart Baker
Click here to Kill Everybody

September 10, 2018
Michael Hayden
The Hill
Democracy is alive in the Trump Era

August 23, 2018
Stewart Baker
Thinking the Unthinkable about Responding to Cyberattacks 

August 22, 2018
Stewart Baker
Washington Post
The U.S. needs to think about the unthinkable on cybersecurity

August 7, 2018
Lester Muson
The Hill
Brett Kavanaugh has all the right Qualifications  for Supreme Court

July 5, 2018
Matthew Heiman
Regulatory Transparency Project
The GDPR and the Consequences of Big Regulation

June 12, 2018
Jamil Jaffer and Justin “Gus” Hurwitz
Regulatory Transparency Project
Modern Privacy Advocacy: An Approach at War with Privacy Itself?

May 4, 2018
Jamie Fly
Atlantic Community
Searching for Common Cause on Opposite Sides of the Atlantic

May 2018
Bryson Bort
The Cyber Defense Review
There IS No Cyber Defense

April 2018
Megan Stifel
Public Knowledge
Securing the Modern Economy: Transforming Cybersecurity Through Sustainability

March 2018
Zach Graves, Arthur Rizer & Joe Kane
The R Street Institute
Beyond Legal Operation: The Next Ridesharing Policy Challenges

March 2018
Charles Duan, Arthur Rizer, Zach Graves, and Mike Godwin
The R Street Institute
Policy Approaches to the Encryption Debate

January 3, 2018
Megan Brown, Matthew Gardner, and Michael Diakiwski
How Gov’t Cyber Efforts Will Affect Companies This Year

July 24, 2017
Stewart Baker, Thomas Hazlett, Matthew R. Heiman, Justin Hurwitz, Jamil N. Jaffer, Paul Rosenzweig, and Megan Stifel
Regulatory Transparency Project
Regulators in Cyberia

March 30, 2017
General (Ret.) Keith B. Alexander, Jamil N. Jaffer, and Jennifer S. Brunet
The Cyber Defense Review
Clear Thinking About Protecting The Nation in the Cyber Domain

June 28, 2016
Jeremy A. Rabkin & Ariel Rabkin
Hoover Institution
Hacking Back Without Cracking Up

May 24, 2016
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Catholic University Journal of Law & Technology
Decrypting Our Security: A Bipartisan Argument for a Rational Solution to the Encryption Challenge

February 1, 2016
Matt Olsen, Bruce Schneier & Jonathan Zittrain
The Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Don’t Panic: Making Progress on the “Going Dark” Debate

Jamil N. Jaffer
South Carolina Law Review
Carrots and Sticks in Cyberspace

Fall/Winter 2013
Jeremy A. Rabkin & Jamil N. Jaffer
National Security Law Journal
Preface:  A Watershed Year in National Security Law

Jamil N. Jaffer & Christopher Donesa
The Roots of Liberty: Unlocking the Federalist Papers
A Bulwark Against Foreign Danger: The Constitution as a Defense Against Foreign Aggression

January 19, 2012
Jeremy A. Rabkin & Ariel Rabkin
Hoover Institution
To Confront Cyber Threats, We Must Rethink the Law of Armed Conflict

Jamil N. Jaffer
Yale Law and Policy Review
The Ethics of National Security Lawyering:  A Response to Jeh Johnson

Jamil N. Jaffer & Phillip M. Bridwell
The Law of Counterterrorism
Updating the Counterterrorism Toolkit: A Brief Sampling of Post-9/11 Surveillance Laws