Video Appearances

Former CIA director reacts to new intel on Russian nuclear capabilities in space

Interviewed: Leon Panetta

February 15, 2024, CNN





Trumps appears in court for classified documents hearing

Interviewed: Jamil Jaffer

February 13, 2024, MSNBC





Trump says he would disregard NATO treaty, urge Russian attacks on US allies

Interviewed: Jamil Jaffer

February 11, 2024, Scripps News





Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu, Sen. Chris coons & Gov. Brian Kemp Sunday on “This Week” with Co-Anchor Jonathan Karl

Interviewed: Sarah Isgur

February 11, 2024, ABC News





DOJ: Biden Wilfully Held Classified Info but No Charges

Interviewed: Jamil Jaffer

February 9, 2024, CNN






Layoff Letdown

Interviewed: Paul Wolfowitz

February 9, 2024, Bloomberg






Leon Panetta: By not passing aid to allies, US is ‘sending a message of weakness to the world’

Interviewed: Leon Panetta

February 9, 2024, MSNBC




Biden admin ‘unwilling’ to practice deterrence in Middle East: Mark Montgomery

Interviewed: Mark Montgomery

February 9, 2024, Fox Business





The US has to continue sending a strong message to Iran and its proxies: Leon Panetta

Interviewed: Leon Panetta

February 5, 2024, Fox News




WSJ Opinion: Will the Supreme Court Let Colorado Bar Trump From the Ballot?

Interviewed: Michael Mukasey

February 4, 2024, The Wall Street Journal





US retaliatory strikes a ‘good first start’: Jaffer | Morning in America

Interviewed: Jamil Jaffer

February 3, 2024, News Nation







What might come next in the tiered U.S. military retaliation against Iranian proxies

Interviewed: Jeremy Bash

February 3, 2024, MSNBC





Lawfare Live: Trump’s Trials and Tribulations

Interviewed: Benjamin Wittes

February 1, 2024, Lawfare






House Hearing on China Hacking Dangers

Interviewed: Jamil Jaffer

January 31, 2024, News Nation







The challenges of regulating social media for children

Interviewed: Matt Perault

January 31, 2024, Yahoo Finance







Big Tech companies have ‘overstepped’ their boundary with underage users: Kara Frederick

Interviewed: Kara Frederick

January 31, 2024, Fox Business






Lt. Gen. Twitty: ‘We have to stop playing whack-a-mole’ with proxies, take on the ‘instigator’ Iran

Interviewed: Jeremy Bash

January 29, 2024, MSNBC






Pressure mounts on Biden Admin. to retaliate after 3 US soldiers killed in Jordan

Interviewed: Jamil Jaffer

January 29, 2024, Scripps News







3 US Soldiers Killed in Jordan drone attack

Interviewed: Jamil Jaffer

January 29, 2024, News Nation





AI Companies and Congress have the responsibility to tighten deepfake rules: Kara Frederick

Interviewed: Kara Frederick

January 27, 2024, Fox News





Jamil Jaffer – MSNBC

Interviewed: Jamil Jaffer

January 26, 2024, MSNBC/NSI YouTube Channel







Never Underestimate Xi Jinping’: Former CIA director Leon Panetta Delivers Remarks at CCP Hearing

Interviewed: Leon Panetta

January 30, 2024, Forbes Breaking News






House Financial Service Committee Hearing on ‘Strengthening CCP Sanctions’

Interviewed: Thomas Feddo

January 30, 2024, NTD






Jamil Jaffer: You should run towards risk

Interviewed: Jamil Jaffer

January 30, 2024, N2K Cyberwire Career Notes






Trump vs Haley in New Hampshire Primary | US Elections 2024 | World News | WION

Interviewed: Lester Munson

January 23, 2024, WION






Protecting and Preserving the US Intelligence Community

Interviewed: Michael Hayden

January 21, 2024, Association of Former Intelligence Offices







Houthis are a very resilient guerilla force’ and intelligence targets are greatly needed because ‘the danger of escalation is increasing’

Interviewed: Leon Panetta

January 17, 2024, MSNBC





Biden Designates Houthis as a Terrorist Group

Interviewed: Jamil Jaffer

January 16, 2024, NBC







What Biden Is Doing WRONG with AI | Guest: Kara Frederick | Zero Hour | Ep 29

Interviewed: Kara Frederick

January 16, 2024, YouTube




China’s ‘interference’ in Taiwan elections putting ‘quite a bit of pressure’ on the country

Interviewed: Mark Montgomery

January 13, 2024, Sky News





‘Overreaction’: China’s ambassador issues ‘grossly inappropriate’ warning to Canberra

Interviewed: Mark Montgomery

January 13, 2024, Sky News





Taiwan Election Could Act as ‘Strong Deterrence Message to China’ & Xi Jinping Over One-China Policy

Interviewed: Mark Montgomery

January 12, 2024, GB News





US, UK launch airstrikes against Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen

Interviewed: Jeremy Bash

January 12, 2024, TODAY






U.S. offensive in Red Sea should be directed at Iranian proxy forces: Ret. Navy Rear Admiral

Interviewed: Mark Montgomery

January 11, 2024, CNBC





Austin’s Illness | Federal Officials Not Immediately Notified of Absence

Interviewed: Jamil Jaffer

January 10, 2024, News Nation





Austin Didn’t Tell WH About Both Hospitalizations

Interviewed: Jamil Jaffer

January 10, 2024, Fox News





CBC News Network’s Tricia Kindleman speaks with former U.S. federal prosecutor Joseph Moreno

Interviewed: Joseph Moreno

January 1, 2024, CBC News





Iran warship enters Red Sea as US carrier leaves

Interviewed: Norman Roule

January 1, 2024, 124News English




‘Youth don’t see themselves as Chinese!’ Taiwan risks ‘infuriating’ China with ploy to appeal to voters

Interviewed: Mark Montgomery

January 1, 2024, GB News






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