Cadie Hopkins

Cadie Hopkins has founded, built, and led multiple organizations committed to creativity, innovation, and the growth, mentorship, and empowerment of individuals across the national security community. She currently works at Altana AI, a start-up technology company building the map of global supply chain and business networks, where she leads a federal business subvertical supporting the US national security mission. She also co-founded the Iron Butterfly Podcast (sponsored by NSI) and Iron Butterfly Media, which is currently producing and directing the first documentary feature film about women in the intelligence community. She also led Amazing Women of the Intelligence Community (AWIC), a grassroots membership organization that supports thousands of women across the intelligence community. Lastly, she co-founded the Command Purpose Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving US military veteran women and leaders throughout life transitions. She previously served as an intelligence analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency.