NSI 2020

For years, China has focused its economic, military, and diplomatic efforts on weakening U.S. influence and replacing it as leader of a new world order that is shaped in conformity with the worldview of the Chinese Communist Party. While the U.S. has been focused on defeating al Qaeda and ISIL, China has worked to defeat U.S. military superiority and dislodge U.S. economic leadership. At the same time, the communist regime continues to oppress its people and crush any perceived threat to its grip on power. The U.S. must recognize the extent of the threat to its leadership in the world and to individual freedom in order to roll back the threat posed by the Chinese regime.  A core issue that must be addressed is what does a revised U.S. grand strategy towards China look like? How can the U.S. and its allies design a sustained effort to both counter the threats posed by China’s economic, military, and geopolitical advancements, while also maintaining the necessary diplomatic and economic ties to avoid conflict and establish a new paradigm for U.S.-China relations?