Jacob Crisp

Jacob Crisp is the Head of Global Cloud Security for Google Cloud Government Affairs and Public Policy.
He works with Google Cloud’s senior executives to develop and drive the company’s global security
narrative, policy execution strategy, and security stakeholder engagement. He serves on the Google
Cybersecurity Action Team leadership council and is Google Cloud’s policy lead to the Joint Cyber
Defense Collaborative. Jacob focuses on cross functional campaigns like cybersecurity, digital
sovereignty and customer control in the cloud, as well as policy support for security product launches like
key access justifications, external key manager, and confidential computing, among many others. In
addition, Jacob works closely with Google Cloud’s global public sector business and other verticals to
support engagement with relevant stakeholders and help address customer requirements. Some
examples of focus areas include Commercial Cloud Enterprise and Mandiant.

Jacob previously worked for Microsoft and led the company’s cybersecurity, quantum computing, and
lawful access public policy and government affairs work in the United States. He focused on issues like
the Defending Democracy Program, the Paris Call, Spectre and Meltdown, the CLOUD Act, and the
Northwest Quantum Nexus, among many others. Prior to joining the company, Jacob was co-founder and
CEO of a venture-backed technology startup.

During almost a decade of federal government service, Jacob served as a national security official in the
Executive Branch and senior staffer in Congress. In those roles, Jacob developed and executed key
domestic and national security policies, including information sharing and annual intelligence and defense
authorization legislation, threat analysis and mitigation, counterterrorism, cybersecurity and technology
innovation. This included congressional oversight of sensitive intelligence programs and operations and
general policy guidance for the US Intelligence Community’s more than seventy billion dollar budget.

During his time at the Central Intelligence Agency, he served in Africa, Europe, South Asia, and the
Middle East. He was also the President’s Daily Brief (PDB) briefer to the White House with responsibilities
for the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism. Jacob has previously held
fellowships at the Brookings Institution and Center for Strategic and International Studies, and has a law
degree from Georgetown University Law Center.