Kevin Noble

Kevin Noble is the Vice President of UnitedLex’s Managed Detection and Response Service, a security operations group within Compliance and Data Protections Services. Kevin leads the intelligence driven Security Operations Center and supports elements of architecture and data sciences in detecting threats on behalf of UnitedLex clients.  Kevin’s current objective is to bind legal and cyber through a highly cultivated incident response capability at UnitedLex. Kevin previously led a dedicated professional consulting practice at Verizon, including development and testing of services for US federal entities and commercial businesses.  Verizon acquired Terremark Worldwide and Terremark Federal where Kevin led DARPA funded research projects on behalf of federal entities and the US Military, including the United States Southern Command.  In recent years, Kevin has had considerable success in developing and improving security operations for the USDOJ ‘JSOC’ and commercially with one of the largest hedge funds in the world. Kevin served honorably in the United States Marine Corps, gaining fundamental on-the-ground security experience.