Nandini Narayan

Nandini Kavita Narayan is a public policy professional with experience in government affairs and public policy. As the Senior Director at Amogy, Inc., she spearheads strategies to propel energy transition and carbon free energy funding projects forward. With a background in legislative roles for prominent Congressional offices, Nandini has a proven track record of developing and implementing impactful policy initiatives. She holds a B.A. in Biochemistry and a B.S. in Business Administration, complemented by a Joint Professional Military Education Phase I Fleet Seminar Graduate Program certificate from the Naval War College. Nandini’s dedication to advocacy and leadership has earned her accolades, such as the 2021 Disabled American Veterans Special Recognition Award and the 2021 Leadership Impact Award from the Women’s Congressional Staff Foundation. Nandini brings a multicultural perspective to her work, fostering effective communication and collaboration across diverse stakeholders. She is driven by the mission to advance the interests and well-being of people and communities while bringing a diverse perspective and experience to public policy.