Amyn Gilani

Amyn leads strategy and growth at CounterCraft, a threat intelligence and cyber deception start-up.  Previously, Amyn Gilani was a Chief Technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton where he managed capture efforts and provided expertise to federal and commercial clients focusing on incident response, red teaming, threat hunting, and cybersecurity operations engineering.  Amyn also supported clients in maturing their cybersecurity operations centers by providing advanced threat detection analytics, incident response strategies, threat modeling, and task automation.

Prior to joining Booz Allen, Amyn was a Vice President in Information Security and Operational Risk at Goldman Sachs where he led Red Team Operations (RTO) and cyber threat analysis in the Security Incident Response Team.  As the head of RTO, Amyn emulated sophisticated attacks against securities trading platforms and payment systems in an effort to assess risk and minimize the impact of breaches to the firm and global financial markets.

Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, Amyn supported various government agencies, including United States Cyber Command, the National Security Agency, and Homeland Security, where he worked on large-scale incident response engagements, network warfare, and a range of intelligence and national security issues, including cyber policy and critical infrastructure crisis management.

Amyn began his career serving in the United States Air Force as an Intelligence Analyst for six years.  During his tour of duty in Iraq, Amyn served as an intelligence operator working on a range of military operations, including unmanned aircrafts, targeting, and human intelligence.  Amyn was among a team of airmen who were awarded the Joint Commendation Medal for their service at the task force supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Amyn also performed signals intelligence analysis while he was assigned to the National Security Agency, where he supported real-time tactical operations.

Amyn holds a bachelor’s degree from University of Maryland, College Park and a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University.  Amyn also holds certificates from the United States Navy Center for Information Dominance and the United States Army Intelligence Center.

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