Brandon Soroudi

Brandon has over nine years of IT/InfoSec experience working as a server admin, network engineer, and security engineer. Brandon currently serves as security consultant for Blackberry’s Spark Professional services division, where he is on the frontline implementing and operationalizing Blackberry’s next-gen EPP and EDR solutions across large enterprises. Prior to joining Blackberry, Brandon designed and implemented secure networks and disaster recovery plans for small-medium sized businesses.
Brandon received an offensive security certification from the University of California, Irvine. The course was led by a seasoned “Synack” red team pen tester. The experience changed his life, and fueled his passion for InfoSec. Brandon also loves attending OWASP meetups learning from and networking with the local infosec community. Brandon received his B.A. in Business Economics from the University of California, Irvine.

Outside of InfoSec, Brandon is an avid hunter, backpacker, and “beach bum”. One of his life goals is to complete the two-week “Camino de Santiago” in Spain, and trek a similar path in his native California.