Brian Moore

Brian Moore is a global security and development executive. He was the National Security Council Advisor, in the Executive Office at the US Agency for International Development (USAID). Dr. Moore led USAID interagency coordination on national security issues. He previously served as a Senior Advisor in the USAID Middle East Bureau, Executive Office. There he focused on defining the bureau’s future programming in the Middle East and North Africa through the lens of the Great Power Competition. Dr. Moore is a Middle East Affairs specialist who has lived primarily in the region since 1996. He returned to the US in late 2015 and was the Global Security Manager for an NGO, establishing a comprehensive security program. He also started a nonprofit focused on displaced people and food security primarily in Jordan and Iraq. Prior to that, he worked as a United Nations Officer in Gaza and the West Bank at UNRWA. He has served as a US Foreign Service Political Officer in Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia, and Yemen, and as an Air Force officer in Bahrain and Oman. He speaks Arabic and Hebrew and received a PhD from Bar Ilan University in Israel. His thesis focused on political history. He is also a graduate of the US Air Force Academy.