Building the Space Economy for Commerce & Security


This event took place Tuesday October 13 from 10:00 – 11:15 AM ET and was hosted by the National Security Institute and the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress for a panel conversation of the private sector in space.  The previous four years witnessed some of the most significant bureaucratic reorganizations in national security space with the establishment of the Space Force, and the re-establishments of U.S. Space Command and the National Space Council. What steps are necessary to build commerce in and from space? What investments are needed? What rules and norms are needed to facilitate greater activity in orbit? What obstacles remain and how can the White House and Congress work to remove these barriers to operation? How is the way humans use space changing and what changes in thinking are necessary?

As America looks to the next election and the next four years, the opportunity for building a true space economy is perhaps never greater, join us for a conversation with experts and leaders in the government and business sector.


Our panel featured panelists:

Dr. Diane Howard, Chief Counsel for Space Commerce, U.S. Department of Commerce

Dr. Diane Howard is Chief Counsel for Space Commerce at the U.S. Department of Commerce. In addition to providing space law expertise to the Office of Space Commerce (OSC) and the Department of Commerce as a whole, she also participates in interagency work and is actively involved in the Office of Space Commerce’s implementation of Space Policy Directive-3.




Jeffrey Manber, Chief Executive Officer, NanoRocks

Jeffrey has served as the CEO of Nanoracks from 2009 onwards, and more recently, has taken on the role of chairman of the board of XO Markets, the parent company of Nanoracks. Jeffrey has steered the growth of Nanoracks from a garage space in Webster, Texas to the only commercial space station company with customers. Under Jeffrey’s leadership, Nanoracks was a pioneer, and now the leader, in the commercial market for low-Earth orbit utilization.



Adrian Mangiuca, Business Development Director for Space Solutions, Made in Space

Adrian Mangiuca is the Director of Business Development, Space Solutions for Made In Space, Inc. (MIS).  Adrian works at the interface between civilian and defense space infrastructures, with a specific focus on commercialization.  At MIS, Mangiuca leads government capture and program strategy for innovative satellite and commercial space architectures.   In his current role, Mangiuca works to generate value in space through manufacturing-enabled satellites and long-duration space platforms. Mangiuca leverages MIS expertise in in-space manufacturing and robotic assembly technology to enable business development initiatives in support of complex missions.


Victoria Samson, Washington Office Director, Secure World Foundation

Victoria Samson is the Washington Office Director for Secure World Foundation and has twenty years of experience in military space and security issues.  Before joining SWF, Ms. Samson served as a Senior Analyst for the Center for Defense Information (CDI), where she leveraged her expertise in missile defense, nuclear reductions, and space security issues to conduct in-depth analysis and media commentary.



Jamil Jaffer, Director, National Security Institute