CSS Speaker Series: Turkey’s Relationships with Russia, Iran, Syria, and Libya

Georgetown University
February 18
12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

Experts discussed how changes in Turkey’s relationships with its regional neighbors harm the U.S. and its democratic partnerships with allies.

The panel featured:

  • Dr. Maya Arakan: Adjunct Professor, Georgetown’s CSSP and GWU’s Elliott School
  • James Danoy: Career Intelligence Officer, U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency; NSI Visiting FellowDr. John Gannon: Adjunct Professor, Georgetown’s Center for Security Studies; former CIA Director of the Office of Russian and European Analysis
  • Dr. Lisel Hintz: Assistant Professor of International Relations, Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies
  • Paula Doyle (moderator): Former Assoc. Deputy Director of Operations Technology, CIA; Adjunct Associate Professor, Georgetown’s Center for Security Studies; NSI Visiting Fellow

The event will take place in the Mortara Conference Room at Georgetown University: 3600 N Street NW, Washington DC 20007