Devika Daga

Devika is a tech strategist focused on making technology more accessible and less harmful for society. She is currently working on projects related to tech and policy with MOSIP, an open source digital identity platform, and organizations within the progressive movement.  Previously she was the Director of Global Partnerships and Operations at Element, a NY-based AI lab that develops biometric platforms, and led new market development across SE Asia. Prior to Element, Devika spent 7+ years at Google in San Francisco and Nairobi. In Kenya she was part of the founding team of CSquared, a pan-African broadband infrastructure company that spun out of Google in 2017. As the regional business development lead she drove product growth and market expansion into several African countries. In San Francisco she was part of the Google[x] team responsible for commercializing Google Glass and the Chrome team responsible for driving paid partnerships. Devika received a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Michigan.