NSI Announces Inaugural Class of Visiting Fellows

October 26, 2017
Contact: Mike Burita
National Security Institute at George Mason’s Antonin Scalia Law School Announces Inaugural Class of Visiting Fellows
Over Thirty Experts Representing Decades of Combined Expertise and Service in Federal Counterterrorism, Defense, and Intelligence Agencies and Private Sector Ventures
Arlington, VA – The National Security Institute (NSI) at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School today announced its inaugural class of Visiting Fellows, who bring decades of combined national security experience from the administrations of multiple presidents, as well as from the halls of Congress, senior positions in the technology industry, and academia.
NSI’s inaugural class of visiting fellows includes multiple technology startup founders and senior executives, including Crowdstrike Co-Founder and CTO Dmitri Alperovitch, SCYTHE Founder and CEO Bryson Bort, Endgame Chief Social Scientist Andrea Limbago, and Global Cyber Alliance CTO Andre Ludwig.
The group also includes a bipartisan group of former administration officials including former Deputy Treasury Department General Counsel Lily Claffee, Counsel to the Attorney General Megan Brown, and National Security Council Director of International Cybersecurity Policy Megan Stifel, as well as the former general counsels and senior staff of multiple congressional committees, including former Senate Foreign Relations Staff Director Lester Munson, Senate Intelligence Committee General Counsel Michael Geffroy, House Armed Services Committee General Counsel Catherine McElroy, and Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee Chief Counsel for Homeland Security Stephen Vina.
A full list of the current class of NSI’s Visiting Fellows can be found here.
National Security Institute Founder Jamil N. Jaffer said that “NSI’s inaugural class of visiting fellows truly represents a diverse, bipartisan group of national security and technology leaders who will help ensure that GMU’s Scalia Law School will continue to lead the debate on the important issues that face our nation in an increasingly dangerous world.” And GMU Dean Henry N. Butler noted that today’s announcement of NSI’s first class of visiting fellows “will enable the law school to further execute on our mission of creating a new generation of scholars and leaders, as embodied in our core motto: Learn. Challenge. Lead.”
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