Jasson Casey

Jasson Casey currenty serves as Chief Technology Officer at Beyond Identity and previously served as CTO of SecurityScorecard. Jasson has 20 years of experience delivering security and networking products to all markets and customer types, including global enterprises and carriers. He also serves as a Fellow in CyberSecurity with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), and as Advisor to IronNet CyberSecurity, a security startup founded by Gen. (Ret) Keith Alexander.

Prior to joining SecurityScorecard, Jasson was VP of Engineering at IronNet CyberSecurity and oversaw development of the vendor’s revolutionary collective intelligence platform and pioneered new approaches to total network observability, including limitless wirerate packet capture with truly elastic retention abilities, and a complementary stack of trusted streaming and batch data analytics. He also brings a long history of innovation advocacy for SoftwareDefined Networks (SDN) through his work founding and leading Flowgrammable, and serving as a member of the Software Leadership Council at the Open Networking Foundation. Previously he held roles in product management, business development and engineering with CenturyTel(CenturyLink), Level3(CenturyLink), and Alcatel(Nokia).

Jasson has a BSEE from the University of Texas at Austin and is a Ph.D. candidate in electrical engineering at Texas A&M University.

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