Joshua C. Huminski

Mr. Huminski is the Director of the Mike Rogers Center for Intelligence & Global Affairs founded by former Congressman and Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Mike Rogers of Michigan.

Joshua manages the Center’s multiple policy projects including a “New Space” project focusing on the integration of commercial space capabilities into the national security space architecture. He also manages the Global Digital Challenge Initiative – a program designed to bridge the gap between the business and policy communities on issues cybersecurity and the digital economy.

In addition, he provides subject matter expertise and research support on critical areas of interest including intelligence, national security, space security, foreign policy, and other issues. He serves as Chairman Rogers’ writer, editor, and policy expert, drafting opinion pieces, position papers, scripts, and other materials for public and private consumption.

Joshua brings with him over ten years’ experience having worked in the United States and United Kingdom in public affairs and communications; private security, corporate intelligence, and risk consultancy; and in strategic business development in the defense, intelligence, and homeland security sectors.

Originally from Connecticut, Joshua received his Master’s degree (with Merit) in War Studies from King’s College London after completing a dissertation on energy security and international relations. He earned his undergraduate honors degree from the University of Connecticut in political science following the completion of a thesis project on U.S. civil-military relations.

He is an avid reader and frequently publishes reviews for the Diplomatic Courier. He lives in Arlington, Virginia.

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