Kristen Hajduk

Kristen a Senior Account Executive for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community at MicroStrategy, the industry lead in enterprise analytics.  Previously, Kristen led Federal Partnerships for Golden, a web3 company  disrupting and decentralizing all open-source intelligence on the publicly available internet.

Prior to joining Golden, Kristen was the Director of  Operations for the National Security Innovation  Network in the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering. Kristen led a global team that catalyzed communities of startups and innovators to solve national security challenges identified by deployed service members.

Kristen advised a range of Department of Defense senior leaders in special operations,  national security strategies, force development and capability acquisitions. During this time, Kristen led the creation of Section 1202 legislation, which gave SOCOM Congressional funding to support Irregular Warfare activities in eastern Europe, helped draft the Irregular Warfare Annex to the 2018 National Defense Strategy, and led SOLIC’s  efforts to open all SOCOM military occupational specialties to women.

Kristen is a fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Center for New American Security, the German Marshall Fund, and the Truman National  Security Project. Kristen received her Master of Public Policy degree in National Security Policy from the University of Chicago.

Twitter: @krhajduk