Monica Pal

Monica Pal’s career in the technology sector has been punctuated by her ability to blend business acumen with technical expertise to shape and grow organizations. Ms. Pal’s history of providing vision, leadership and guidance to enterprise software start-ups, from product development to launch and ramp up, has earned those companies recognition from leading industry analysts.  Ms. Pal, has shaped and molded companies into “best of breed” status with each respective market category, creating shareholder value.

Having served in several roles in the executive suite including co-founder, CEO and CMO roles, Ms. Pal has been recognized for her ability to accurately assess the competitive landscape and market opportunity for products in the enterprise messaging, security and big data sectors.  Currently, she is CEO for 4iQ, a Cyber Intelligence company that operationalizes the Intelligence cycle from open source collection and data fusion to secure collaboration on complex on-going investigations.

Prior to 4iQ, Ms. Pal was co-president and CMO of Aerospike, where she lead the company from early stages to becoming a market leading, enterprise-grade, real-time NoSQL database. As VP of Marketing for AlienVault (acquired by AT&T), she launched the open source Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) company in the US. She started her career as an engineer in Apple R&D working on pioneering secure mail and messaging products.

Ms. Pal has a Masters of Computer Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Bachelors of Arts in Computer Science from Rice University.