NatSec Nightcap – June 25, 2020


How are foreign actors like China and Russia shifting the strategic balance and impacting the United States’ ability to lead globally?  How will a resurgent Islamic State threaten U.S. interests in the Middle East?  Join us for a conversation on evolving global security and the National Security toolkit needed to address these critical challenge featuring: 

  • Former Acting and Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Michael Morell
  • NSI Founder and Executive Director Jamil N. Jaffer


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You can send your questions prior to the event either by email or by tweeting them to @MasonNatSec with the hashtag #NatSecNightcap.  Webinars will also feature the option to submit questions live throughout the event.



About Michael Morell:

Mr. Morell most recently served as Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and twice as its Acting Director. In his over thirty years at the Agency, he played a central role in the United States’ fight against terrorism, its initiatives to halt the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and its efforts to respond to trends that are altering the international landscape—including the Arab Spring, the rise of China, and the cyber threat. He was one of the leaders in the search for Osama bin Laden and participated in the deliberations that led to the raid that killed bin Laden in May 2011. Mr. Morell started his career at the CIA in 1980, working on East Asia issues for 14 years, including as Director of the Office of Asian Pacific and Latin American Analysis. He also served as President George W. Bush’s intelligence briefer and as the Executive Assistant to CIA Director George J. Tenet.


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