Tim Kosiba

Mr. Timothy Kosiba is the Chief Executive Officer of Bracket f, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of  Redacted, Inc. He is directly responsible for growing the cybersecurity business within the federal, state,  local and healthcare communities around the United States. Tim recently retired from the National  Security Agency after 33 years of federal service in December 2021. Tim reached the most senior levels  of federal service, after difficult assignments globally and in the United States. 

Tim started his federal service with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) and lived in the  United Kingdom for three of his 7 years with NCIS. He was recruited by the Federal Bureau of  Investigation (FBI) in 1996 and worked as a Master Forensic Examiner for the Computer Analysis  Response Team (CART) in Maryland and Washington, DC. Tim was one of the original CART  examiners that was partially responsible for growing the program to what it has become today. As a  result of the tragedy of 9/11, the US Government became very focused on counterterrorism efforts, and  his skills in digital forensics was critical to the Intelligence Community in capturing many of the  perpetrators that orchestrated that attack and others that followed. Tim supervised a large digital forensics  laboratory in the FBI for 7 years prior to coming to NSA in 2007. 

Tim served a Technical Director for the Joint Functional Component Command for Network Warfare  (JFCC-NW), from December 2007 to August 2010. JFCC-NW was the predecessor of United States  Cyber Command (USCC). Tim has frequently represented NSA and USCYBERCOM at The White  

House and other government sponsored deliberations relating to cyber activities and cyber policy  development. 

Tim subsequently served as the Technical Director for the Requirements and Targeting (R&T) Office in  the Tailored Access Operations (TAO) organization at the National Security Agency from August 2010 to  June 2012, before being selected for the Defense Intelligence Senior Level (DISL) Service position in  March 2012. He was posted as the Chief of the Special US Liaison Office – Canberra (SUSLOC) from  2012-2015. He was the Deputy Director of the NSA/CSS Commercial Solutions Center (NCSC) after  returning from Australia, and then was appointed the Chief of Computer Network Operations (CNO) in  2017. After 3 years as the Chief of the organization, he was assigned as the Deputy Commander of NSA  Georgia, the largest of the NSA field locations. 

Tim has received many awards from the law enforcement and the intelligence community and is a  recognized technical leader in the cybersecurity field. Mr. Kosiba was an Adjunct Faculty member with  The Johns Hopkins University, teaching Forensic Science and Digital Media Forensics to undergraduates  at the Carey School of Business.  

Mr. Kosiba graduated from the University of Baltimore in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science in  Management Information Systems. In 1999, he received a Master of Science in Forensic Science from the  George Washington University.