NatSec Nightcap – August 6, 2020


Thanks for joining us for an exciting conversation featuring:

  • John C. Demers, Assistant Attorney General of the National Security Division at the Department of Justice
  • Jamil N. Jaffer, NSI’s Founder and Executive Director


You could send your questions prior to the event either by email or by tweeting them to @MasonNatSec with the hashtag #NatSecNightcap.  Webinars also featured the option to submit questions live throughout the event.

About John C. Demers:

John C. Demers serves as Assistant Attorney General for the National Security Division at the Department of Justice.  He leads the Justice Department’s efforts to combat national security related cyber-crime, terrorism and espionage,  to enforce export control and sanctions laws, to use the authorities of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and to conduct national security review of foreign investments.  Mr. Demers also leads the Attorney General’s China Initiative which counters economic espionage, trade secret theft, hacking, and other related crimes from China.  Previously, Mr. Demers was VP and Assistant General Counsel at the Boeing Company and also served on the first National Security Division, first as Senior Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General and then as Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Law & Policy.


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