NSI Law and Policy Paper – Critical Access: Enhancing the Value of Private Sector Security Clearances to Protect Critical Infrastructure

This NSI Law and Policy Paper:

  • Describes the development of programs providing high-level clearances to critical infrastructure industry representatives to facilitate information sharing around growing nation state threats.
  • Evaluates the current gaps and inconsistencies among these clearance programs.
  • Argues that information sharing at classified levels is essential and critical infrastructure clearance programs must be enhanced.
  • Provides recommendations to ensure clearance programs are facilitating actionable information sharing and a secure critical infrastructure.

Read the complete paper here.

About the Author:

Jenny Menna is a Visiting Fellow at NSI.  Ms. Menna is currently the Senior Vice President and Cybersecurity Partnership Executive at U.S. Bank.  Ms. Menna previously held a variety of Senior Executive Service positions in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).