National Security Institute Announces Launch Events For NSI 2020

July 22, 2020
Contact: Jessica Jones

National Security Institute Launches NSI 2020 Events:

Arlington, VA – The National Security Institute (NSI) at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School is launching its NSI 2020 Program with events for both its Technology, Innovation, and American National Security project and its China’s Rise project.

Technology, Innovation, and American National Security:

On Wednesday, July 29, 2020, NSI will host a fireside conversation launching NSI 2020: Technology, Innovation, and American National Security – Preserving American Leadership in a New Decade featuring Representative Jim Langevin (RI-02) and David Sanger, National Security Correspondent and Senior Writer, The New York Times discussing the future of U.S. cyber strategy as outlined by the Cyberspace Solarium Commission’s recent report and how the U.S. government can respond to the recent Techlash without impairing US innovation, economic growth, and national security.

Throughout much of the 20th century, the United States led the world in technological innovation, with the new systems and industries arising from this leadership driving sustained economic growth and underpinning US global military capabilities.  Today, however, America’s preeminent role in driving innovation—and leading the world—is being threatened, if not wholly undermined.  NSI 2020 will explore what the U.S. should do to ensure its global economic and political leadership, including how the U.S. government and private sector might work together to respond to national security threats and economic competition while promoting innovation.

China’s Rise:

On Wednesday, August 5, 2020, NSI will host a fireside conversation launching NSI 2020: China’s Rise – Confronting China’s Challenge to the World Order featuring former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Michèle Flournoy and a leading member of the press discussing the return of great power conflict and how the United States should respond to the challenge posed by an ascendent China.

In the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States was the world’s only superpower.  At the time, in light of the failure of the world’s most powerful Communist regime and the preeminence of the Western powers, many predicted the end of competition amongst major states.  Yet, over the past twenty years, as the United States and its allies have focused on battling radical Islamist terrorists around the world, China has focused on strengthening its economic power and enhancing its military might.  Today, the United States’ role as the leader of the world is under threat.

“XXXX” said NSI Founder and Executive Director Jamil N. Jaffer.

Representative Langevin’s and David Sanger’s bio can be found here.

Michèle Flournoy’s bio can be found here.

About NSI 2020

As part of this mission, NSI is excited to launch NSI 2020.  NSI 2020 focuses on two of America’s most pressing national security challenges: the rise of China and preserving U.S. technology innovation leadership and will feature of a series of events, papers, and policy engagements over the next year, which are meant to inspire much needed debate and action in these two areas.  Our work will feature key insights and actionable recommendations to enable policymakers to take concrete steps to strengthen U.S. responses to a changing global dynamic.

About the National Security Institute
The National Security Institute serves as a platform for research, teaching, scholarship, and policy development that incorporates a realistic assessment of the threats facing the United States and its allies, as well as an appreciation of the legal and practical challenges facing U.S. intelligence, defense, law enforcement, homeland security, and cybersecurity communities.  NSI draws on the experience of its visiting fellows, as well as its highly distinguished advisory board and faculty, to produce timely research and policy materials that deliver insightful analysis and actionable recommendations to senior policymakers in the White House and key departments and agencies, as well as those on Capitol Hill.

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